Why you should avoid slot games

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Slot machines are undeniably popular. However, slot machines are not among the best casino games for gamblers. Here are six drawbacks of slot machines that most casino goers dislike.

Low returns

Slot machines are infamous for having low return on investment percentages. Slots often have the lowest return in the casino. This is a big problem for many reasons, but the primary one is that the slots game keeps a significant proportion of every dollar you spend on it. And if you’re an action junkie, you put more money into the machine because you pull too quickly.

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Decrease your slot machine losses by lowering the sum of money you put into the machines. You can accomplish this by playing slots at a slower pace and/or on slot machines with a lesser per coin cost.

Slot machines have extremely low return rates in almost every way. When the return rate for the ordinary slot machine is compared to other games available in casinos, the collection of games that are much worse is extremely short. The only game with a lower return in the casino is keno, which is no longer available in most casinos. However, almost every other casino game has a higher return rate than the average slot machine.

Too few jackpots

The only way to win at slot machines is to reach at least one jackpot large enough to wipe out all of your early losses. This sounds like a great thing, but it’s unusual to hit a jackpot of any size, let alone one large enough to generate a long-term profit. The truth is that there aren’t nearly enough large jackpots available on slot machines. While many slot machines have progressive jackpot, the majority of them aren’t large enough to make your slots play lucrative if you hit even one of them.

online slots malaysia

Another problem is that many slot players do not always play on jackpot slot machines. Or they do not often play on slot machines with a large enough jackpot. You have control over this, so quit playing on any slot machine which does not offer a large enough prize. As a slot game player, you’re still likely to lose overall, but at least with this strategy, you have a chance at winning if you get lucky.

Unattractive bonuses

A slot machine bonus, regardless of how large, serves only one purpose. Unfortunately, the thing that a slots bonus is good for does not help you win. The only benefit of a slot machine bonus is that it allows you to play slots for longer than you would otherwise be able to. Slot machine bonuses have no effect on your ability to win. This does not mean you should stop accepting slot bonus offers. The exact opposite is true. You should always use slot bonuses when playing slot machines. Just don’t anticipate them actually aiding you in winning.¬†

What you can do, is try your hand at online slots malaysia as there are fewer cons to playing that. 


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