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Why You Need To Have Responsive Website

There’s no doubt that responsive web design has grown in prominence and significance since Google revealed that mobile-friendly, responsive websites would see a rise in their 2015 search engine rating. Due to technical progress and the fact that web design often required coding with a variety of screen sizes, flexible web design has been a natural outcome. After then, technology has progressed even further and we have seen a rising number of people turning to their smartphones and tablets not only to make calls and send tweets, but also to search news and other fascinating websites.

JPG vs JPEG: Understanding the Most Common Image File FormatIncrease Customer’s Time On The Site


A compliant website results in better user experience. The time people spend on the platform is a significant factor showing the level of user interaction. Whether they find it challenging to use or use as they are constantly being asked to click and zoom in, they will not live on the page. So if the website adjusts and reacts to the display resolution adjustment, then visitors will have no trouble navigating menus, maps, buttons or filling out forms. As a result, they should have a great user experience and will allocate more time on your site. Enhanced user interface and web accessibility will also lead to more word-of – mouth reviews for the company and potential clients.

Increase Traffic From Mobile Users

Data reveal that approximately 62 per cent of the overall internet traffic came from smart phones throughout the last half of 2017. This takes up more than half of all online traffic and shows you can’t afford to abandon innovative website development. Begin by analyzing whether any of your guests come from mobile devices and how much hours they ‘re spending on your web. Then template intuitive and compare the different figures. If the website has adjusted to the image range, the same users will note an improvement in smartphone traffic and longer on-site time.

Increase Development Time

Not so long ago, creating a separate mobile website of the web was a simple occurrence which was followed when a smaller screen size was identified. Nevertheless, it requires longer effort to design a mobile version of your site than just to build a responsive website that looks fantastic and functions as expected no matter which app your guests use. The drawback to a desktop edition of the website is the fact that it costs extra because the creator will build two websites rather than one.Mobile Web Design Pattaya | Websites built for mobile phones

Easier To Manage

It is easier to manage websites directly linked to the above level. For two versions of your website, your employees or the marketing department has to divide the time and money to handle two websites. Your employees will spend less time on maintenance activities with a compliant website, and concentrate on more critical things such as marketing, A / B research, customer support, product or content creation, and more. This will save a lot of time for the website design company to focus on other tasks than having to allocate a lot of hours on maintaining a website.

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