Why are casinos interested in connecting to your smartphone?

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Like slot machines that payout in actual money, the days of entering a membership card tied to a lanyard into a slot machine to rack up comps may soon be a thing of the past. Some aspects of phone casino Malaysia are already in the future, with smartphone apps being used for anything tracking casino game play, conveying special deals, to providing free online slots and table games.


The Agua Caliente casino brand, which has locations in Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage (with work on a new site in Cathedral City planned), just launched a new smartphone app that combines technology with its tried-and-true loyalty programme. The Bluetooth-enabled app can track a guest’s slot play as he or she jumps from machine to machine, allowing them to use their ACE Club cards remotely.


Users may also access information on entertainment, dining, and gambling at both the Palm Springs and Rancho Mirage resorts, as well as updates on their players club account and push notifications with special deals, according to the app, which was released last month. With the app, Agua Caliente sought to keep on the cutting edge of technology, according to Michael Facenda, vice president of marketing for the casinos.


Facenda stated, “It’s no surprise that’s where the world is going.” In order to ensure that our visitors had a beautiful and easy experience accessing Agua Caliente products, shows, restaurant reservations, tickets, their points, their accounts, and all of these things at the touch a button on their phones, it just made sense.


One of the features aimed to make things easier for users is the Bluetooth feature, which allows players to earn points for their ACE Club account without ever having to insert a card.

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The advantages of applications


According to Vibhanshu Abhishek, associate professor of information systems at UC Irvine, consumer behaviour has changed substantially in the last decade: practically everyone now possesses a smartphone.


“Whether they’re at home watching TV or outside,” he observed, “they always have a phone in front of them.” Using mobile phones to improve their experience of what they’re doing is undeniably a huge, beneficial trend. According to Abhishek, apps allow a more direct line of communication between a company and its customers than email or social media posts.


He stated, “They can do more things and speak more directly.” A Facebook page does not allow for as much personal connection as an app does. An app will have a far higher level of involvement than a social networking website. The Agua Caliente app, according to Facenda, was created with guest communication in mind. “It allows us to promote them as well as communicate with them,” he said.


Free play, gifts, food and drink promotions, and even discounts on certain event tickets will be included in the notifications.



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