What Is The Role Of Diutan Gum In The Construction Industry?

It’s a natural, high molecular weight gum and is produced very carefully with controlled aerobic fermentation so that we can produce the perfect products. The repeating unit consists of hexasaccharide units. The main chain consists of d-glucose, d-glucuronic acid, d-glucose, l-rhamnose, and two l-rhamnose side chains. Diutam chewing gum is a natural, high molecular weight chewing gum produced through carefully controlled aerobic fermentation. The main chain is composed of d-glucose, d-glucuronic acid, d-glucose, and l-rhamnose. When two l-rhamnose side chains are added to the cement mortar, Diutam glue performs Shear thinning behavior. At low shear speeds, the mortar exhibits high apparent viscosity due to the entanglement and interweaving of polymers, while at high shear speeds, the viscosity decreases due to the alignment of the polymers in the flow direction fluidity. From microbial fermentation, and possessing we can obtain a similar structure to xanthan gum, Diutan gum was developed specifically for a wide range of industrial applications, including the agricultural, construction and industrial sectors, and used with the newest class of Superplasticizer(water reducers. Diutam also upholds viscosity at elevated temperatures as compared to traditional rheology (shear thinning) modifiers.

Compared to Welan gum, under the same dose of VEA and Superplasticizer, Diutam gum appears to have a higher degree of shear thinning and exhibit higher viscosity at low shear rates. It is also known that the viscosity of Diutan gum in an alkaline environment and in the presence of calcium ions, for example in the fresh cement slurry, is relatively high.

Compared with the control, Diutam glue showed constant retardation performance and decreased strength of cement slurry in the early stage. Regarding the influence of Gautam glue on cement hydration, the cement slurry samples examined by thermal analysis showed that the addition of Gautam glue resulted in a higher calcium hydroxide content than the control cement slurry. However, compared with the control group, the cement slurry containing Diutam glue has lower compressive strength.

The chain structure of Diatom glue is different from that of welan glue. The molecular weight of Diutan gum is three times that of Welan gum, and the molecular weight is higher.

Xanthus gum is also a bacterial polysaccharide obtained by aerobic fermentation. The molecular weight of the xanthan gum molecules is very high. You can get the gum from the supplier of chemical supplier Malaysia.

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