Top 5 Websites For Korean Dramas Streaming

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With the Kpop wave hitting us all around the world, many people have started to watch Korean dramas. Due to their comedic scenes and unique storylines, even our parents find them to be entertaining. Some love watching them to fill in their free time and some love to watch K-dramas in order to support their favorite actors. There are many famous Korean actors known for their amazing body proportions and visuals, like Lee Min Ho and Cha Eun Woo. The young ladies love watching them carrying out new roles in new Korean dramas and this is why they watch Korean dramas. But that does not mean it’s the same for everyone. Some Korean drama fans fall in love with the plot of the drama first, and the cast second.¬†

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With how great the website design has been these days, it is not surprising that they are all designed by professionals. You can see more details if you click here for malaysia website designers. Here are the top 5 websites used by most to stream Korean dramas.

New Asian TV

This website is very easy to navigate through and there are many old and new Korean dramas you can watch here. Besides the fact that it is also free, the website has very good quality for the episodes. English subtitles are available and this is super important for international fans whose Korean language is not their mother tongue language. However, you have to check first because IP restrictions make the website inaccessible for some countries.


Another website you can use is Dramanice. This website has less users compared to other websites because there are not as many varieties like the others. However, it is a great choice for those who are using this to stream only one Korean drama. The more people that use the website, the slower it would load due to the traffic issues. Hence, you can use this to watch the Korean drama you have been watching weekly and use other websites for other Korean dramas that are not available there.

This website is quite the same as New Asian TV, just minus the IP restrictions. By using, you can stream as many Korean dramas as you want as it offers a variety of genres for you to choose from. Besides, there are even Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese available here if you are interested to have a look.


This website is one of the most popular websites to stream Korean dramas. With many choices of dramas and good quality of English subtitles, it is not surprising that many people have been using this website. 

Drama Cool

If you are a big fan of Running Man besides Korean dramas, then you can watch both at this website. There are English subtitles available and even a list of servers you can use if one of them failed to work on your devices.

Last Words

In conclusion, there are many websites you can use to watch your weekly Korean dramas. The English subtitles make it even easier for international fans to watch the dramas. I hope this has been helpful for you to look for the suitable website for your drama streaming.


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