The 5 Most Crucial Steps in Starting a Wedding Planning Business

Business Startup costs

Starting your own wedding planning business is not really expensive. Being an independent consultant is a good starting point! There is no need to rent a big office space. All you need is a room with a table. If you want, you can also work in coffee shops.

Consider hiring a lawyer for basic legal work, and for paid advertising.

Event planning portfolio

Show your portfolio to potential clients. Prove to them that you have the skills and dedication to get the job done. Aside from word-of-mouth marketing, making a portfolio is an effective approach to sell your services.

Business goals

You are now your own boss, so you need to set goals all by yourself. These goals will keep your business on the right track. Never commit to your new clients without a set of business goals and personal goals. You need to be guided by your objectives, as you go along.

First clients

Booking your very first client can be challenging, but with hard work and with the right marketing strategy, you will get there. As you get more clients, your confidence will improve. Use your learnings and experiences to improve your sales approaches.


Small business owners work hard to market their start-up companies. This is a crucial task that can make or break your business. Aside from creating a portfolio and website, you must also consider targeted ads. If you are having a hard time, try researching on the strategies of other similar businesses. Are you familiar with that new bridal shop that sells wedding veils in Malaysia? You might learn a lot of their marketing techniques.


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