Know the Basics of Manga

What is a Manga?

Mangas are graphic novels that cover a wide range of stories. Mangas have various different genres like shoujo manga, shounen manga, horror, adventure, action, fantasy and romance mangas. There are countless numbers and types of manga that you can read online nowadays on your mobile devices or laptop. Let’s learn some unique traits and core basics of mangas. First and foremost, mangas are comic books that are suitable for children, teenagers, young adults and the elderly, according to the variation in the genre. As compared to the experience of reading a storybook without pictures, mangas have drawn out characters and scenarios with the conversations among the characters or third point of view sentences that depict the situations in every chapter. manga that you can read online

There are mangas that are released on a weekly basis and mangas that are released on a monthly basis. Compared to English comic books, there is a difference in the colouring and method of reading the manga. When it comes down to the colouring in the mangas, the pages are printed in black and white. There may be cases of certain special edition releases of mangas printed in full colour. An intriguing factor about the full-coloured manga releases is that the natural hair colour of the characters can range from neon colours to plain black or brown colours. This aspect can be viewed as a way to make the plot and manga itself more interesting for the readers. You would usually read a storybook or English comic book from the left of the page to the right side of the page. But, when you read mangas, you are to read the book from the right side of the page to the left side of the page. This method of reading is good for your brain as you process images faster and with more accuracy while learning to read pictures, words, and even Japanese sound words together. manga that you can read online

There are a few reasons why you should read mangas. The list includes the art, engrossing storylines, gain knowledge of the culture, you get choose the perfect genre for you and you can read so many mangas online. As shocking as it may sound, mangas are typically hand drawn. The pictures in mangas are meticulously hand drawn and the pictures and scenarios in the mangas will capture the reader’s attention tot he fine art. Other than the visual aspects, it is certainly the plot and storyline that keeps its readers’ interest and attention engrossed. Some may find it weird. But, if you find a manga with a genre of your taste, there is certainly a high chance of you anticipating the next move or development of plot. Mangas are made by Japanese. The Japanese culture is included in most of the mangas. This shows that the readers can actually gain general knowledge about the Japanese culture. manga that you can read online

The genres are simply endless. The plus point from the genres is that there will be mixture of various different genres in a single manga. Sometimes, the mix may not sound like it will work out, but for all you know, you can never judge the book by its cover. For more information, click here

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