Breaking The Stereotypes: Manga Version

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Everyone has their own passion and so do manga readers. However, even though the manga has existed for so many years, there are people who have stereotypes about them. Probably because they think that it is wasting time or childish because they are reading graphic novels. This mindset should be eliminated since we are in the 21st century. We should let people do whatever they want as long as they are not against ethics and religious beliefs. On par with our topic today, you can find new popular manga series chapters to read online on Manga Legacy. 

The Stereotypes

Most of the time, the people who give weird stares come from the elderly. They probably think of manga as wasting time and childish, hence why we should educate them. Sometimes, working adults are among manga readers and doing so, is one of their ways to release their stress. Reading manga is really fun, you get to know what is going on as you are being helped with the animations and graphics. You must be wondering, why are there still people who think that manga is made for children? It is probably because of the fact that they were made for kids at first, but as time goes by, there have been numerous genres that can fit with adults. 

Manga and Anime

new popular manga series chapters to read online

These two are becoming more recognisable these days due to their popularity all across the world. Unlike the olden days, they are now commercially all around the world and not just in Japan anymore. In fact, they have been translated into many languages due to the language barrier and international fans’ demands. Many people still prefer to read manga rather than watch anime due to many reasons. One of the prominent reasons is reading is a lot faster. If you wait for the next season to be aired, it might take you years. Therefore, they opt for reading rather than watching. Other than that, some manga is not adapted into anime, so they have to read them either way. 

Reading Manga as a Hobby

When you read, it can be a healthy activity and can be turned into a hobby. Reading is an activity that is becoming popular lately despite the fact that they have been popular for so many years. This is probably because of social media influence, especially TikTok. The tag 

#BookTok is one of the best ways to spread reading as a beneficial activity and hobby. Under the tag, you can see people from different parts of the world reading their favourite books such as novels, poetry books and even manga. It is proven that reading manga can be made into a hobby and is not something that is negative.

Choosing The Best Genre

There are numerous genres that you can choose from. If you love romance, there are many categories of romance. Romantic comedy, high school romance, love triangle, you name it. The most popular genre must be supernatural and plenty of manga are under this genre. It all depends on your liking, you can simply pick one genre and start reading. Anyway, happy reading!

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