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The gambling world has just recently had a growth spurt. More and more people are getting into the gambling business. There are also a lot of shows that have gambling as the main theme. It also involves the animation department. In japan knowingly they make use of anime in order to promote some things or to convey a message with the most interesting plot as well animation. There is actually one particular anime that revolves around the world of gambling however it does have a very interesting way of conveying it. The animation title is Kakegurui or Compulsive Gambler for the English title. 

Before Kakegurui was animated, it started with a manga or a comic title which soon had gotten a lot of followers and readers. This led to it being chosen to be animated which also had brought out the best out the actual excitement of gambling through realistic facial expressions as well as an amazing lineup of voice actors. After having good reviews from fans, it continued to have  its own live action series. The comic series was well written by Homura Kawamoto and Toru Naomura who took charge in illustration. 

The story of Kakegurui is set in a school, Hyakkaou Private Academy. In this school it involves the child of very influenced and wealthy people in the society. Those with high ranks within the society are included as well. However, there is a bit of a spinoff to this school. The students in this school are not ranked based on academic or athletic performance but rather on their skills in gambling. The students are allowed to bet their wealth as much as they like.The students that win more would ultimately gain the popularity as well as social connections but for some students that get into a debt would be treated as slaves or house pets. For the house pets, if they are not able to finish repaying their debt to the school, they will ultimately receive a life plan which means they have to pay that debt with their lives. They ultimately have to follow whatever that is on the life plan accordingly. 

The plot of Kakegurui revolves around a new transfer student, Jabami Yumeko which is a compulsive gambler. Unlike everybody else, the student would gamble for popularity and such, Yumeko would gamble for the thrill of it. She will actually risk a lot just to get the excitement that she wants from gambling. One trait that Yumeko has is that she is smart, she could easily tell when someone is cheating based on their facial expression. Moreover, she is brilliant at playing mind games which would always throw her opponents off. 

In this animation story, it portrays the very essence of how gambling should be. It has its own fair share of different games as well as the traditional ones such as poker. There is also poker with a twist such as Rock-Paper-Scissors Poker. Each of the games has its advantages and some are pure the best bluff wins. Unlike real life gambling, the animation takes its deeper to show the expression of someone that is a compulsive gambler. Yumeko in this animation, would most like even bet her own life as long as she could gamble. For her without the thrill, it would not be as fun and fulfilling as it should. 

In gambling, you have to know when you should be taking risks and when to play it safe. Which could be seen in Kakegurui. If you know you would lose in the first place it would be better for you to not play. You have to think about your outcomes. Unless you realized that someone is cheating, that will be another story. For Yumeko in one of the episodes, she had played a game of Life or Death which is an upgraded version of Dice or Roulette. In this game, she had the bigger chance at winning. However at the very last moment is when her opponent ends up cheating with the help of an associate. That led to Yumeko being with a house pet with a big debt which she did not care for as long as she had the chance to gamble.

So, from here we actually see that bluffing as well as cheating does play a part in winning a game of gamble. The story tries to portray the closest version to the gambling world with a dash of unique animations and voice acting. It keeps you watching and has a lesson or to teach the viewers. So if any of you would love to know a bit about the gambling world, you should try and watch the animation and try to all online casino malaysia to see how well you do.

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