7 Sneaky Ways Casinos Try to Separate You from Your Money

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Going to live casinos is an experience of a lifetime. Not only will you be able to enter the premises that you would normally only see in the movies but you actually get to experience what it’s like playing the many different games that you can find in the casino.

That being said, the casino, after all, is still a business entity, which means that the managers will do everything they can do to ensure that they’re getting a lot of money from you.

Unfortunately, most of the people that go to these institutions normally either wouldn’t mind spending that much money or they are just too stupid to fall for the casino’s tricks.

There, I said it. The casino is actually doing sly things that help separate you from your money. And, in today’s article, I will expose some of these things so that you do not have to be a victim the next time you’re heading out to the casino.

Cashing Out Isn’t Easy

Casinos don’t trade real money when you’re playing some of the games inside the establishment. Instead, they are going to give you some casino chips that you can spend on whatever game that you fancy.

So, you’ve won a couple and you’ve decided to call it a night only for you to find that cashing out is not that easy. In order for you to find the casino cage (where you can cash your chips), you will have to go through plenty of different casino games that could tempt you to spend those chips instead. Sneaky, huh?

Good Luck Finding Your Way

The casino looks great from the inside and out, right? Unfortunately, there is a negative side to the amazing and beautiful architecture in that it is hard for you to find your way out of the place.

You see, when you really traverse the establishment, you will find that there are no windows to help tell the time and the place itself looks like a maze full of different things that could potentially tempt you to spend your money.

Stay Away from Airport Slots

If you leave Las Vegas for the time being and you’re in the international airport, be sure to never spend your money in the slot machines that you can find. Not only does it have the worst possible odds but you could say that these machines are just placed there to get your money.

Carpets Are There for a Reason

Now, you would think that the casino is carpeted to ensure the glamorous look while also protecting the floors from your probably dusty footwear.

However, the carpets are placed there for another reason: It ensures that you’re always going to look up. Those huge carpets with intricate patterns are placed there so that you can keep your eyes on the prize.

Keep Your Eyes on the Price

You might think that you are given VIP treatment since the casino is providing for your hotel and accommodation, food, and drinks. However, keep in mind that this is all just part of their business strategy.

Sure, you might get discounts from just playing some casino games, but keep your eye on the finer details, especially when it comes to the final price. You might be surprised that the things that you’ve considered ‘free of charge’ before end up in your tab.

Don’t Buy Insurance

Most people believe that when you buy ‘insurance’ that you are pretty much covered no matter what happens to you. Although I advise you to get insurance outside of the establishment; do not buy insurance inside the casino.

A lot of players play blackjack for many reasons. One of the main reasons is that, when played correctly, the game offers possibly the lowest house edge among all of the other games.

However, some people want to err on the side of caution and some dealers provide ‘insurances’ to these people in an attempt to hedge their bets. Well, the insurance they’re giving you is a sneaky way for them to take your money.

Don’t Take Any Advice

Especially from dealers and casino staff. I mean, come on! Do you think they would give you advice that could help you get money off of them? If you really want to increase your chances of winning, learn from the pros by reading tutorials and video lessons online.


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